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Namaskar and Maha Shivaratri greetings from Breezy Meadows.

How do we define Bravery? Is it simply about accomplishing the impossible or is it showing no fear of dangerous situations?This poem gives an idea about bravery:

“Some think bravery is living without fear 

But that is not true

Bravery is living despite the fear

Even though you’re scared to death”

The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them- danger, death etc. and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it. Our country has produced galaxies of brave sons and daughters.

Adithya Gopal is such a brave child who was the student VKV- Nirjuli. The proud nation acknowledged his bravery by conferring National bravery award posthumously on the Republic Day celebration at New Delhi.

It would be worth mentioning the brave act of Adithya before apprise you all about the various activities conducted during the month.

Adithya, the student of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Nirjuli, after a football match with friends went to the Dikrong River for a wash. It was on 31st October 2010. While washing himself, Adithya saw one of his friends getting taken away and he swung into action. Thanks to his presence of mind. Of course he succeeded in his mission, but at the cost of his life. Let his supreme sacrifice inspire all of us. He would live ever in our minds.

Month gone by has witnessed many activities.

Cluster level Principals’ meeting:-

The cluster Principals meeting found to be very effective. In depth discussion on various issues, planning together the different common activities, sharing the innovative ways in teaching and learning, introducing new concepts to enhance the functioning of the schools, organizational works (Karyapaddhati) in VKVs, Patron Drive etc are some of the outcome of this meeting.  We could organize the cluster level Principals’ meet of Lohit and Tirap Clusters on 04.01.2012 in VKV- Roing

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti:-

Swami vivekananda jayanti celebrationWe could launch the yearlong celebration of 150th Swami Vivekananda Jayanti from VKV- Yingkiong with a mega programme where Hon’ble MLA Sri Alo Libang and Deputy Commissioner Upper Siang, Sri Tayon Darang graced the occasion as Chief Guest and Guest of honor respectively. The participation of the likeminded organizations, students from neighborhood schools, the presence of local populace in traditional dress, the band troop of VKV- Jirdin, huge gathering in the General Ground of Yingkiong in spite of drizzling and biting cold etc. were some of the unique features of the celebration.The entire programme was organized by the parents of VKV- Yingkiong. It is worthy to note that the school could win the hearts of local populace within just 2 years of its functioning!

All the other schools also celebrated Swami Vivekananda Jayanti with much enthusiasm and Shradha.

We could see that the schools exercised their creativity to celebrate this important event in different ways. VKV- Roing organized a huge rally by involving number of schools in the neighborhood areas. Shri.Lata Umbrey, MLA Roing addressed the participants of the rally. VKV- Changlang organized various competitions for the students of the neighborhood schools. VKV- Nirjuli conducted a massive rally involving parents, students and well-wishers. Many schools conducted befitting programme in the schools itself involving parents, well-wishers and students.

Utsarga Samaroh:-

Utsarga Samaroh, the popular programme conducted for the students of class X at the last part of the academic session, aimed at refining and giving final touch for academic enhancement and life skill development was conducted from 14th January to 26th January in 4 different venues.

Utsav samaroh at vkv sunpura
34 resource persons drawn in from various VKVs were present to guide the students in different academic subjects. The impact of the Utsarga could be seen from the expressions of the participants and dignitaries.

One of the participants, Kum.Mingul Pertin, Cl.X, VKV Sunpura wrote:

“I was qualified to attend Prachodaya Shibir but due to my own negligence didn’t attend it, now I regret after attending the Utsarga Samaroh, how it would have been if I attended it!  Utsarga Samaroh gave me the opportunity to know many things; I found it precious and sharing wonderful experience with my juniors.  I have decided to keep myself in good company, read good books, have good thoughts, and do good deeds to become a good human. These will be perpetual part of my life.”

Lecture session by Dr.N.Gopalakrishnanji:-

Dr.N.Gopalakrishnanji at vkv Kuporijo
It has been always our endeavour to see that a number of activities are conducted for the benefit of the local populace, parents, well-wishers and students of the neighbourhood schools on various subjects relevant to them. Hence we could organise few lecture sessions with the help of Dr.N.Gopalakrishnaji, Director, Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage. His thought provoking sessions followed by Question Answer hour proved quite focused and well received.

Science Mobile Laboratory:-  

We could give more focus to the activities of Science Mobile lab after conducting one day workshop for the Science Teachers in Papum Pare cluster in which 25 Government schools were identified and regular visits were planned. The activities chalked out were as per the need of Middle School classes by involving the science teachers of the respective Govt schools. In addition to enhance the science learning of those students, the personality development is also aimed at. Singing of patriotic songs, sharing of inspiring anecdotes, Prayer session, training in public speaking, organising various competitions, screening of thought provoking video clips etc., are some of the activities planned. The Mobile lab has completed one round of its journey in Papum Pare Cluster evoking very encouraging responses from students and staff of the Govt schools.

Governor’s visit to VKV- Kuporijo:-

His Excellency,  General J.J.Singh (Retd), Governor of Arunachal Pradesh along with the First Lady Anupama Singh visited Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Kuporijo on 30 January 2011.

Interacting with the students, the Governor advised them that hard work and dedication will make a good human being and that will help one in taking initiative to bring social changes. He has announced 50,000/- for procuring library books. He has assured all possible help for the renovation of hostels buildings and infrastructure up gradation.

Matri Puja:-

Matri puja in vkv Tafrogam
Matri puja was conducted in schools of Lohit and Tirap cluster.It is felt that the outgoing students of class X & XII should have a chance to offer their prayer to their mothers in a formal occasion in which the concept of Indian mother hood is explained. How a mother is the embodiment of sacrifice, love, care andselfless service is told to them. Padapuja, chanting of mantras, blessings and sharing of emotions make the matrupuja unique. The feedback from students and parents especially mothers is very heartening.  Before entering in to the puja hall the mothers and students offer flower at the feet of Bharat Mata and in all the schools we could observe mothers bowing down in front of mother Bharat with devotion and concern.

A mother from VKV- Tafrogam expressed: “I salute VKV for giving a chance to my daughter and me to have the noblest experience of getting the love and shradha”.

Two mothers from VKV Kharsang:  We never did it in our life but after attending this puja, we feel it is very much necessary for us too to do it and take care of our parents and motherland, thanks to VKV for educating us on the matter.

Kumari Penden
Drema Sona.  Class X of VKV Sunpura shared her experience:-

“It is because of my mother that I got a   chance to read here in such a good school. But my brother did not get such a chance. Now my brother is in bad condition, he misbehaves with my mother. Sometime I too behave rudely. My mother never travelled alone anywhere. But for attending this Puja she travelled 3 days all the way from Mechuka, that too alone. Here in front of every mother I promise that I would never misbehave with my mother and never bring tears in her eyes with any of my action. I wish, VKV to popularise this programme to other schools of Arunachal Pradesh so that students, like my brother would also realise the importance of mother and motherland in one’s life”

It is worth mentioning the ambience created by all the schools to make the programme successful. The elegantly decorated hall, colourful Rangoli, festoons, excellent sitting arrangements, reception of parents etc were marvellous.  All the teaching and Non-teaching staff deserves a special appreciation. Shri.R. Krishna Kumar conducted the Puja very systematically.

Republic Day:-

VKVs celebrated Republic Day with pomp and show of Shaktipradarshan. Band displays, parade, mass PT and other ground activities at nearby district H/Qs or similar establishments’ evoked wonderful response from local populace and district administration.

VKV- Banderdewa receives Governor’s trophy: -

Band troop of VKV- Banderdewa received Governor’s trophy for the best troop contingent in the Republic Day Parade at Itanagar. Congratulations to the Band troop of VKV- Banderdewa!

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