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ITANAGAR, Feb 23: The institution of priesthood is as old as existence of our tribal society and priest should continue to cast their god gifted spell to protect and promote traditional faith and values among all members of the societies , said Er. L. Khimhun, Secretary General Rangfra Faith Promotion Society during one-day symposium on the ‘Role of Priest in Mishmi Society’ as Chief Guest at Tamladu Hall on February 22.

The tribal culture and faith are like different seeds, which are to be sown in different parts of the state for future generation. The priest should up-hold their age-old dignity and continue their Pujas and ritual services for all strata’s of society. The ritual and other expensive way of performing Pujas needs introspection and changes to accommodate poor people who are compelled to disassociate themselves from prevailing practices due to poor economical background. This trend will not only erode our values but lead to serious identity crisis among our tribal people, he said.

Dwelling at length on Rangfraism, he said that Amik Matai Mandir should also came up as prayer centre so that priest and followers can congregate at large to start prayers.
Su. B Nivedita Vice-President Vivekananda Kendra Kanaya Kumari said that priest of the society have pivotal roles to keep-up varied culture and practices.

The age old rigidity needs certain changes in the passage of time without any alternation in its roots . This rich culture needs proper documentation for future generation and exposure to the out side world. The tribal culture which withstood taste of time to emit distinct identity is unique in the sense that every tribe in then state has its own festivals, customs and practices that under pin a sense of unity in diversity.

(Arunachal Times – 23 February 2009

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