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Vivekananda Kendra, Delhi Branch organized its first orientation of Young India: Know Thyself -2022. Shri Nikhil Yadav, Prant Yuva Pramukh, Uttar Prant informed that students from Swami Sharadhanand and PGDAV evening college participated.

We started our orientation with three omkars and Shanti Mantra. We did a small introduction with the participants where we got to know that many participants traveled a long way to attend the orientation. Further, Akriti Didi made an introductory remark to make the participants ease and provide a road map of the orientation. Then we switched to Geet, and it was a patriotic geet, and the energetic participation of candidates made a great environment.

After introduction and Geet, all the participants were divided into four groups, 1. Aryabhatt  2 . Srinivas Ramanujan  3 . Raman primal  4. Shakuntala Devi was led by Himanshu Ji, Atul Ji, Akriti didi Shruti didi, respectively, and we moved out of the conference hall for the game and further activities. The first game we played was Hathi Goda Pal Ki - Jai Kanhiya Lal Ki (an action game where we get to know each other and make the participants comfortable with the environment ). Afterward, all the participants were divided into groups ( Because further, all the activities had to be held in the group only ).

 Additionally, we played three-game Agni Kund, Bhasmasur, and Alphabet, their respective groups. The purpose of these games was to build team spirit and group dynamics among the participants.

Further, we moved on to our next activity, i.e., skit presentation, where one theme, i.e., Digital India or Atmanirbhar Bharat, was given to each team. Everyone actively participated and picturized many ideas( such as Vaccination, Indian export, Defence, manufacturing of goods in India, in Atamnirbhar Bharat, and practical implication of technology in the different sectors under the theme of Digital India .)

After we sat for our group discussion, The topic of GD was Need to Know Thyself. It was a very fruitful discussion; we came to know the different perspectives of the youth. If we summarised our discussion, we could say that it is essential to know ourselves because only we can know the ultimate objective of our life. The process by which we can know ourselves is the self implication in the different situations and introspection. Finally, the session was concluded by Mananiye Shri Manas Ji ,Prant Sangathak, Uttar Prant and Shri Nikhil Yadav, Prant Yuva Pramukh, Vivekananda Kendra, Uttar Prant. We went for group photography, and the orientation was over by providing refreshments to the participants.

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