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Telugu Prant, Godavari Vibhag, Rajamahendravaram Karyasthan. Non Residential Personality Development Camp was conducted from 6th - 10th May 2022 ( morning 7.00 - 10.00).
Venue: Shraddha E.M.School, Prakashnagar. Registred - 33 ( class 6 - 10th students).
Attended - 25.

Organising team Karyakartas  :
1. P. Viswanath ji - Vibhag Vyavastha Pramukh
2. Sh. K. Ramakrishna jii - Vibhag Samparka Pramukh
3. Sh. Srinivas, Vibhag Sangathak Programme:

Every day after Prayer loosening exercises, Suryanamaskaras, Balancing asanas & other asanas,
Games, Song, Story, concluding prayer. Yogasanas & Games were conducted

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