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In August 2018, the Mobile Medical Team of Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti visited Wakka for Medical Camps. Our Nagar Sanyojak, Sri Saikhang Sir informed us about an eight years old boy, Kr Danggang Gangsa of Wakka village. Wakka is in Longding Dist of Arunachal Pradesh, about 90 Kms hill track from Dibrugarh which takes around 5-6 hrs with own vehicle and more than 12 hrs by Govt bus.
Kr Danggang Gangsa was born in 2010 with anorectal malformation. It was a medical emergency and colostomy surgery was immediately done in Dibrugarh. The Doctors advised the parents to visit them after 6 months, so that they can operate him for the anal opening. But, due to financial crisis, they didn’t come for the second operation and kept the children
at home. We went to see the children. The condition was pathetic. As he had the anal opening at his abdomen, he stayed in isolation and he didn’t have any friends to play with. Even his siblings avoided him.  He didn’t go to school. The parents requested us if we can do something for this child.
As he needed multiple and complicated surgeries, we decided to find out the best paediatric surgeon of Upper Assam.  We got to know about Dr. Hemonto Dutta, Professor and HOD of Paediatric Surgery, Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh. We contacted him and briefed about the child and about their financial condition. He immediately agreed to see the child and the child was examined in October 2018. DR. Dutta Sir fixed the date for the first surgery. Sir assured that the free will be free of cost. But the parents were so poor that they even didn’t have money for travelling and staying at Dibrugarh for few days. So, the people of Wakka area started crowd funding and collected some funds for them. The child was successfully operated and the anal opening was created. It was a very critical and long surgery. But he recovered fast and was discharged after ten days. They were advised to come after six to ten month for the next surgery. Our team was always in contact with them to see the progress of the child.
In July 2019, they came to Dibrugarh again for the next surgery. He was operated to close the colostomy. This occasion, the present MLA of Wakka also helped them financially. It was a minor surgery and the child was discharged after five days. Now Kr Danggang Gangsa is in his own village, happy and healthy. Parents are planning to admit him to the local school very soon.
We the Mobile Medical Team of Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti are very grateful to Dr. Hemonto Dutta Sir for all the help he offered. The way the people of Wakka area came out to help the family of the little child is praiseworthy. If the society  ecomes sensitive and concerned like this, nobody will suffer.

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