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Swami Vivekananda Jayanti Program in BadarpurPuspanjali at 5 places Badarpur nagar, Jumbasti Kalibari, Org. by Sri Pallab Mazumder, Participation – 15, Speech given by Sri Prasanta Chakraborty & Sri Chinmoy Baruah, GRP Colony, Org. by Sri Barnali Das, Participation – 11, Speech given by Sri Barnali Das, Buddha Colony, Org by Rabinda Nath, Participation – 40, Speech given by Sri Sankar Kar, Srinagar Colony, Org. by Sri Bipasa Dey and Sri Sayantan Chanda Participation – 25, Speech given by Sri Prasanta Chakraborty, & Das Para Akhra, Srigouri, , Participation – 41, Speech given by Sri Shyama Prasad Chakraborty, Sri Bipin Das & Sri Jitendra Ingle.

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