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“The need of the hour is a religious conversion of a ‘different’ type, from the fragmented material to the unifying spiritual, to an alternate lifestyle centered on global awareness, to a religion of humanism, based on spiritually and scientifically proven Oneness of the entire Universe. From complexity to simplicity, from excessiveness to frugality, from self-indulgence to self-control – these would be the key-notes of this new lifestyle. Through such a massive conversion of our youth to a new value system, we should turn a new page in the history of mankind”. (Extracts from the editorial of Kendra Patrika - Living in Tune with Nature)

Green Resilient Rameswaram project is an attempt in this direction.

This month’s newsletter has the following highlights:

Dr. Sanjay Banerji in his blog writes about Planetary Boundaries and concludes that the most significant boundary we have crossed is bio-diversity loss.

Dr. Sanjay Banerji in his blog writes about “Bio-diversity Loss”.

Regular awareness programmes on Waste management by Hand in Hand India.

Shri.Subramanian of C.P.R. Environmental Educational Center writes about Nakshatra Vanam. This month he gives the details of Indian Ebony Tree which stands for Mṛgaśiraṣa

Revival and Renovation of Traditional water bodies – Kumutha Teertham

Finally, the work to build Social Capital and ‘Green newsletter’ by the students of Parvathavardhini school, Rameswaram.

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