Activity report from Hyderabad Vibhag1 VARSHIK BAITHAK OF TELUGU PRANT was held on 11-12 March at Kaushalam, Hyderabad. All India General Secretary Sri Bhanudasji and All India Treasurer Sri Hanumanthraoji were present. Prant Sanchalak, Prant Sah-Pramukh, Prant Vyavatha Pramukh, Nagar Samiti members of Dilsukhnagar, Ameerpet, Nagole, Nagole, Kadapa, Vijayawada were presnt. Dayitvan Karyakartas of VK Kaushalam, VK Telugu Prakashan and Asmita were presnt. Reporting and planning, after intensive discussions on ‘watering the root’ concept was done.

2 ANNAPUJA & CHILDRENS’ CAMP-GAJULARAMAM - In Annapuja, 64 ladies participated and in the Childrens’ camp concluding 78 children and 55 parents participated on 25 April. In concluding children did Suryanamaskar, Asanas, songs, drama presentations. Concluded with Annadana.

3 MOTIVATIONAL TALK SERIES was held at Ameerpet center every Saturday during May-June. Totally 11 talks were presented by speakers and on an average 16 people attended. Topics were : Personality development, Goal setting, Time Management, Persistence, Success, Team Work, Stress Management, Interview skills, and others.

4 CHILDRENS’ SUMMER CAMP was held at Ameerpet center from May 15 to 20, where “Lets play Exam Exam!” workshop was done with 37 participants. Suryanamaskar, Asanas and games were also taught.

5 ANNAPURNA PUJA was held at Nagole center on 28th May where 41 karyakartas and well wishers participated and donated. Annapurna srotam was chanted and the rice collected was donated to needy students’ hostels.

6 INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA  was organized on June 21 at Priyanka High School-Ibrahimpatnam (600) , Gaddiannaram (100)  and Sri Venkateswra College (300)- Dilsukhnagar, Sri Venkateswra College (300) - Champapeth, Sadhana School (120), Law College (60) - Ameerpet, Lions Club (60) -Gajulramaram, Habsiguda, Kamneni Medical college and National Mineral Development Corporation(NMDC). In all over 2500 participated in programs organized by Vivekananda Kendra.

7 YOUTH CAMP AND ANNAPURNA POOJA was organized on July 9 at VK Dilsukhnagar. More than 400 students, well wishers, karyakartas,  guests participated. Education aids and provision was distributed to needy students’ hostels

8 GURU PURNIMA was organized at Sadhana High school at Gajulramam on 8 July and 400 students participated in it. Guru srotam was chanted by the young students. At VK Dilsukhnagar 200  participated.

9 A SPECIAL YOGA CAMP was organized from  August 13-15 for the Yoga enthusiast of Nizamabad. Total 45 participated to learn and practice asanas, pranayamas and mudras. On the concluding day Independence day was celebrated.

10 “YOUNG INDIA, ARISE!” - On the occasion of Universal Brotherhood Day, a Multidimensional Youth Camp was organized on 10 September where  443 students, selected from 43 colleges of Hyderabad after examination conducted based on a book on Swami Vivekananda, participated. After intense group discussions, students made impressive presentations.  Including karyakartas and  guests in all 580 participated. Swami Shitikanthananda of RK Math was main speaker. All nagars of Hyderabad Vibhag coordinated to organize the program.

11 ARDH-VARSHIK BAITHAK of Hyderabad Vibhag was organized on 15th October at Kaushalam in the presence of General Secretary Bhanudasji and Treasurer Hamumanthrao ji. All Nagars - Dilsukhnagar, Ameeerpet, Nagole and Prakalps - Kaushalam, Telugu Prakashan and Asmita participated in it for reposrting and planning ahead. Total 41 Karyakartas were present. 

12 SADHANA DIWAS on 19th November was observed by screening the bio-pic of Ma. Eknathji - “ONE LIFE -ONE MISSION” at the preview theatre of Sri Sarathi Studios, Ameerpet. Total 170 persons including karyakartas, well-wishers, donors and guests were present. Prasad was distributed after the screening.

13 GITA JAYANTI  was organized on November 30 at Ameerpet with group chanting of all 700 shlokas of Bhagavad Gita. 42 participated in it. At Dilsukhnagar all 700 Shlokas were chanted by 80 participants. At Nagole, children participated in Gita Chanting competition and prizes were distributed. At Gajulramam and Baghlinghampally too Gita Jayanti was observed.

14 YUVA - Youth Camp for Boys was organized from 28-31 December at Kaushalam where 63 boys from colleges of Hyderabad and Krishna district participated to learn discipline, dedication and dynamism. Sessions on Youth, mind power, career communication, entrepreneurship, motivation and guture were hald by distinguished speakers including Dr. Kanak Durga (Retd. Principal), Sri Sudhakar Reddy (Director of SVGCC), Sri Bharath Tippareddy (Softskill & IT Trainer), Sri Shanmukheswara (Innovation Head, WellsFargo), Sri Hanumanthrao (Motivator) and Prof. Alapati Srinagesh (Psychologist and consultant).

15 SAMARTH BHARAT PARVA was observed through power point presentation at Jagruti College and Pulla Reddy College. In all 300+ students were reached out through these programs.

16 SWAMI VIVEKANANDA JAYANTI was observed at Jagruti College (Ibrahimpatnam) where 250 students participated. At Sidhdharth College (Ameerpet)  150 students were addressed. At Dilsukhnagar, rally was organized from Kendra to Swamiji’s statue in the morning and Youth camp in the evening where 370 students participated.


17 Talk on Yoga way of life - for all India teachers at (Center for Cultural Resource Training, Madhpur, Hyderabad)  CCRT on 20th March, 5th June, 9th October and 13th October. Total four talks - 275 teachers addressed.

18 Talk on ‘Youth and exams’ at Nizam College for 100 students on 25th January. 

19 Regular Yoga Satras at Ameerpet (Total 130 participants), Dilsukhnagar (55 participants), Nagole and Gajulramam.

Regular Swadhyay Varga - Bhagavad Gita classes in Dilsukhnagar (70 participate)

Regular Samskar Varga - at Dilsukhnagar (25 Participants)

Regular Yoga Satras at Kaushalam. Average 7 participants.

Weekend Retreats at Kaushalam.

Spoken English Classes at Ameerpet (Total 175 students)

Arogyadaan and Vidyadaanam at Dilsukhnagar.

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