Swami Vivekananda

If there is any land on this earth that can lay claim to be the blessed Punya-Bhumi, to be the land to which souls on this earth must come to account for Karma, the land to which every soul that is wending its way Godward must come to attain its last home, the land where humanity has attained its highest towards gentleness, towards generosity, towards purity, towards calmness, above all, the land of introspection and of spirituality -- It is India. It is the same India which has withstood the shocks of centuries, of hundreds of foreign invasions. It is the same land which stands firmer than any rock in the world, with its undying vigour, indestructible life, Its life is of the same nature as the soul, without beginning and without end, immortal; and we are the children of such a country.

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